Aug 30, 2015


Asylum-seekers are people,
         Just people
                Seeking asylum.
They do not exist as a corporate group
They are just he or she
So we don't need the troops.

If his home is taken away,
By force and without warning,
He can stand and fight
        Or walk away
He can die
        Or seek asylum.

If she is old or ill or pregnant
Her choices are narrower still
She will drag herself on
When her hope is quite gone
And end up somewhere as a stranger.

If my home were taken away
By force and without warning
I would fight
               If I could
If I failed
            Then I would
Be halfway to seeking asylum.

"Why not me?"
Is the question philosophers tell us to ask
But maybe it is now dawning
That few of us know:
He or she could be me
By force and without warning.

Jul 4, 2015

Sugar in the Petrol

No driver would ever put sugar, or any other contaminant in their petrol (or diesel) tank yet millions of people still put sugar and other contaminants in their own 'engines' i.e. bodies.
I met someone recently who lives on a variety of chocolate bars and chocolate biscuits with an occasional apple. He works hard and says he has no time to cook and cannot afford the time or expense to eat out; his health is poor and he is facing the prospect of enforced retirment but has never considered changing his diet and yet he takes great care of the engines of cars, lorries and buses.
It is easy to understand how this happens and the invention of convenience foods all those yeas ago seemed like a miracle to free people of the drudgery of cooking

and yet
what animal would choose processed food if it was offered a real, natural, fresh alternative?
No truly wild animal would

In my experience, animals don't need telling what to eat
and people don't want to be told
and thus illness and sub optimal health are the norm for so many

Just as TIME is the most valuable thing any of us can GIVE,
HEALTH is the most valuable thing any of us can possesss

So many ailments, both physical and mental can be improved or cured by finding the RIGHT diet and achieving a state of feeling healthy is a unique set of critieria for each of us and sometimes it only takes a small step to eliminate or add a component to make a huge difference.
Living with illness, whether it is YOU or someone close to you is exhausting and depressing, and finding a 'food' to eat or avoid to make an improvement is an exciting and simple step.
Chances are, if you are not healthy, you are quite possibly doing something wrong: the rewards of trying to discover if that is true for you are immense.

Jun 5, 2015

Copies of The Secret Life of Cows_in hardback_ are available by emailing Rosamund:
They are £14.99 post free

Sep 20, 2012

Turkeys are no Bird Brains

The fox took one of my turkeys
in desperation, I put the remaining 'squad' in the old horsebox for safety, while I worked on a master plan to allow their liberation in a better fenced demi-paradise.
They had plenty of room, a perch, lots of food and water, interesting bouquets of weeds and grasses to nibble and nice bedding
after a day and a half
they escaped.
There was only one (slightly) weak spot, high up, above the door and they obviously consulted, cased the joint thoroughly (because I don't think I can spell reconoitered) and
they stood on each others shoulders and battered at the puny plastic window bars with clenched feet and flew to green pastures.
When I arrived, open-mouthed
and lots of other synonyms,
they, in order to allay my fears and persuade me of the absolute indefensibleness of future incarceration, were elegantly walking in stately synchronisation, pecking at this and that and I was, of course, won over.
It was simple really, from then on: I had to spend my days  alternately gardening and fencing, whistling to myself and my companions, to deter Renard's return.
What better way to spend the next 3 months...?

Aug 29, 2012

Talking Turkey

If you find yourself weeding the cabbages, bent double under the expensive netting that is supposed to keep out absolutely every unwanted species, but of  course doesn't, because of one little corner you didn't pin down adequately, and among the handfuls of overgrowth, made lush by excessive rain you find slugs that you decide to capture in a container, to feed to the turkeys as part of their prescribed high protein diet, don't forget to place a leaf or two in the box for the slugs to feed on; it will stop them climbing out while you are intent on pulling out a particularly tenacious dockleaf.

Aug 12, 2012

Keat's Wind Hover

Families of kestrels were having fun today, swooping from hedge to hedge and tilting their wings to the sun: accomplished adults and youngsters with 'L' plates on, with a Spitfire playing in the clouds above them, its Merlin engine as sweet as the day it was made.
The buzzards were hogging the lime light during hay-making, placing themselves strategically while we mowed and plunging down into the swaths and returning uphill to a high tree with feet full of grass ( and vole) like a sea eagle fighting its way out of the water with a struggling salmon in its talons.
And two linnets busy in an alder
and the treat of a close encounter with a yellow hammer who flew slowly (can a bird fly slowly?!) from a blackberry bush to sit on the fence in front of me, amazingly unaware of my approach as I meandered erratically round the fields pulling ragwort
and then a host of harebells among the deep purple heads of dwarf thistles: delicate, translucent and determined...
This photo was taken by Amy Leech in 2008 but it could have been taken yesterday

Jul 9, 2012

One for The Grasslands Trust

Gogeous Grasses (even if not in perfect focus!)

Recent Photographs

recent photos

Mimulus, marsh thistle (W.Keeble Martin says it grows up to 5 feet [we have some taller; it must be because of all the 'lovely' rain], wild honeysuckle, Ringlet Butterfly [please correct me if I am wrong], orchid, dropwort.

Jun 27, 2012

The Kites Nest Wild Flower Experience

 'The Kite's Nest Wild Flower Experience'  can now be booked as either a guided walk or a chauffered drive for up to 4 people on any dry day from now up to the middle of July: it lasts a maximum of an hour and includes a cup of tea in the garden.